MIKES TACTICALS is proud to introduce our Gen2 RAMPAGE which I personally believe is the Combat Master killer. Each firearm is personally built by me (MIKE) which pride and time was put into each firearm to make sure the best creation I made was given to you with your hard earned money. I wish I could have put more work into this work of art however what more could have been done to this masterpiece!

Some call this the Staccato of Glocks or is it just the looks from my prospective?

Each MIKES TACTICALS RAMPAGE comes with the following below:

  •  Custom SLR  slide modified by MIKES TACTICALS for a unique look. however all credit goes to SLR for their killer design
  • SLR Magwell
  • (3) standard mags
  • (3)MIKES TACTICALS base plates (2) +0 weighted plates, (1) flat plate
  • CNC machined ported OEM barrel by Alpha Machine ( each barrel is stripped of the OEM coating and recoated with a Micro Slick dry film Cerakote P-109)
  • Dawson Precision iron sights (co witness for Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507 )
  • Radian Weapons enhanced recoil spring
  • Optic ready (Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507 ) ready
  • Polished trigger and internals
  • Flat 4.5lb trigger by CNC Triggers
  • Each MIKES TACTICALS RAMPAGE frame is hand stipple for a unique look to flex in the range or to just show off
  • 9MM (recommend 124g or higher as the spring is a 18lb spring for recoil reduction)

MIKES TACTICALS  RAMPAGE is based off the Glock 45 which we adopted to control the proper 1:1 ratio aspect shooter design

This masterpiece is an unique build for the ideal shooter who’s not looking for a Gucci Glock but wants an actual tactical sidearm that has a purpose.

** CA Buyers. I have some available for my fellow shooters as well in this hellhole of a state. ask me how. I have a limited amount available so its a first come first serve.

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